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A Week Off Work

And so, the first week of the Easter holiday for us interns is over. This week, I have managed both a trip to London and hosting a friend. While I very much enjoy meeting up with my London friends, it … Continue reading

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Holiday in retrospect

Last week I was on a much needed holiday to Walsingham and London. Walsingham is a small village in Norfolk famous for its Shrine of Our Lady. In 1061, a pious English noblewoman, Richeldis de Faverches, had an apparition of … Continue reading

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Catching Up: April 2017

My penultimate catch-up post – ladies and gentlemen……*drum roll*….Petter’s April: This month began with a first – my friend James came all the way from Hertfordshire to visit my humble abode. We did a lot of walking (the picture above is … Continue reading

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Catching up: March 2017

By now you know that I’m trying to catch up on posts for the 5 first months of 2017, so, without any further ado, here’s my March: A rather mixed month. March 2017 was the month of the Westminster terror … Continue reading

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I’m on holiday!

So, I’ve been on holiday for slightly more than a week now, which probably means that I should have had more time to blog…. I haven’t really done much with my holiday so far actually – spent last weekend with … Continue reading

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Things are starting to calm down!

I’ve had a rather stressful few months, with ill health in the family, lots going on at work, and several things for me to consider regarding my future… Now that I have finished (-ish) a major project at work, I … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing truant!

…from work, that is. During peak season for us accountants in Sweden comes the Bank Holiday of Ascension Day. I took Ascension Day and the following day off (well, Ascension Day is a bank hol, but I took the Friday … Continue reading

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