Holiday is over!


Stained Glass Window, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

And so, I find myself at the end of my Easter holiday. This week saw both a trip to London to attend a High Mass of the Annunciation at my old home parish and a visit from my sister. It was, as always, lovely to be back in the parish that re-kindled my will to discern a vocation to Holy Orders back in 2014-5, and to see old friends!

My dear sister had a less-than-promising start to her visit to Oxford, as the coach broke down when I went to meet her at the airport, leading to me being 30 minutes delayed. What I didn’t think of when I updated her by texts of my adventures was that not all Swedish PAYG phones work abroad. Hers just happened to be one of those that don’t… In the end, we found each other at the airport, and had a good time together, exploring various shops, markets and museums here in Oxford (including Christ Church College and Cathedral, where the picture above was taken).

It is now Sunday in 0th week, and I have served at the parish church for the last time until June, and led Evening Prayer in the same church wearing full academic robes, for the first (and probably last – it was awfully hot!) time. Term begins in earnest here at the Domus tomorrow morning, and I am rather looking forward to the busyness of it all again – it will be very good to be back on a regular schedule!





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Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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