Over a term in Oxford…


Chapel of the Resurrection, Pusey House

I just realised that I haven’t posted anything since I moved apart from the texts to my homilies…

The last time I left you, dear readers, I was preparing for the move to the noble city of Oxford. By now, I have been here for five months, and I am completely convinced I made the right move by changing careers (again, some of you might say….)!

As you all know (who am I kidding, let’s rephrase: as I have already said on here): I am a Chapel Intern/Pastoral Assistant at an Anglo-Catholic student chaplaincy in Oxford. Pusey House was founded as a ‘House of Piety and Learning’ in memory of E B Pusey, one of the main figures within the Oxford Movement. As someone who is a major bookworm, living under the same roof as the biggest theological library in Oxford is a great blessing.

Being in the Home Counties have been a great blessing for many reasons, the foremost being that I have been able to meet up with loads of online friends, most of them I started talking to online while still living in London. Working in a place such as the Domus Puseiana has also given me lots of new friends – and I am working on introducing old friends to new friends – a post-Lenten project, maybe.

Oxford in itself is a wonderful city, especially those rare moments you find yourself being the only one wandering down a certain lane, or walking past the castle, or in the University Parks, or…… OR – when you’re all alone late at night in your House Chapel that’s all dark bar the sanctuary lights…..

Anyway, I meant for this post to be much longer, but I thought this would be better than nothing, as I am currently busy preparing for our Ash Wednesday High Mass tomorrow.





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Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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