History goes in circles

I’m told by social media that today was the day in 2015 when the Swedish population register registered me as living in Sweden again, after 2 years in London. It is very fitting then, to have signed the forms telling the same government agency that I am once again moving to the UK. I am still struggling with realising that I actually am moving back to my beloved UK again, so I fear I have been slightly lazy when it comes to packing…

Given this laziness, I was very happy indeed today to have my sister and her boyfriend around to help me pack and carry things down into my storage room. Their help was invaluable and I think we managed to accomplish more in one day than I would for an entire week by myself.

So – one more week left at work, and 17 days until I move to Oxford. After today’s progress, I think I can dial down the stress level about the packing significantly, but it will be extremely interesting to see if I manage to do everything at work that I have set out to do before I move….


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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One Response to History goes in circles

  1. Kraka says:

    Livet och tiden är cirkulär. Det är det jag alltid ansett.

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