Catching Up: May 2017

…and so finally, we’re at my last catch-up post from the Spring 2017: Mary’s Month of May.

St Nicolaus Finnish-Orthodox Church

For Mary’s Month of May, it might be suitable to start with the little day of church-crawling I did with my friend the Revd Dr. The photo above is from the Finnish Orthodox Church in Stockholm (interestingly dedicated to St Nicolaus, which happens to be the same dedication as the Stockholm (Lutheran) Cathedral as well!) to see an exhibition of works by the Finnish artist Ina Colliander (sadly no biography available in English). We (the Revd Dr and I) try to visit each other at least twice a year, as she lives in Västerås, a lovely cathedral city little more than an hour away from Stockholm. I’ve known her since college, so it’s always nice to catch up!

I also had the first taste of something that’s been a rare treat to me this spring: a weekend that’s completely empty in my calendar. I do like doing things, but a weekend just pottering around was just what the doctor ordered, especially as I came down with the manflu as soon as the Revd Dr left Stockholm. I rarely get the flu, and it’s even rarer for me to get a proper manflu, but this time I was small and needy….

One cannot, of course, write a summary of May without mentioning the atrocities in Manchester, where so many people were killed, but somehow this feels even more barbaric as so many of the victims were children.

O blessed Mary, Mother of God, Our Lady of Walsingham, Intercede for us. Amen.


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Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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