Catching Up: April 2017

My penultimate catch-up post – ladies and gentlemen……*drum roll*….Petter’s April:

View from Montelius Väg

This month began with a first – my friend James came all the way from Hertfordshire to visit my humble abode. We did a lot of walking (the picture above is from one of our walking tours, and shows Riddarholmen/The Old Town), a fair few tourist attractions and two of the local gay nightclubs. We have been discussing him coming to visit for ages, so it was good fun to finally be able to show him my home town. I think his final judgement was that it’s a nice city but too expensive. Think I can agree with that….

Shortly after that came the atrocities of the terror attack in central Stockholm. While we have had one incident a few years ago, something like this with several fatalities makes it feel so much closer. I was lucky, none of my friends were hurt, and I made it home from work only marginally later than normally (I live on the NW side of town and work on the SE side of town), but the Collect for Aid against all Perils felt very poignant that night.

Speaking of Collects, I spent Easter in London, and it was very nice to be back in my two home parishes again and be able to receive Holy Communion. I went to St Mary’s Bourne Street for the Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday, and while Good Friday isn’t supposed to be a joyous occasion, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the Passion well sung, as well as meeting old friends and colleagues again. Easter Day was celebrated at St Barnabas, Pimlico, followed by a tipple with one of their two Wardens, whom I try to hang out with every time I go to London.

A lot of shopping and socialising was also done, including bookshops, shops for antique prints and Spitalfields Market. All in all, a lovely trip, and I surprised myself by finding a reasonably priced hotel 5 mins from Trafalgar Square that was quite nice/posh…

Even more travelling – I went to Oxford over the Walpurgis weekend. A lovely city, and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing some shops and attending a lot of Anglo-Catholic Churches. I did, however, realise that you might travel too much if you’ve found a favourite restaurant in an airport you don’t even live near…


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Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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