Catching up: March 2017

By now you know that I’m trying to catch up on posts for the 5 first months of 2017, so, without any further ado, here’s my March:


A rather mixed month. March 2017 was the month of the Westminster terror attacks in London, as well as the kerfuffle around the appointment of the Rt Revd Philip North CMP as Diocesan Bishop of Sheffield, when he was made to withdraw his acceptance of the See after (what at least many call) bullying from some of the more liberal elements in our Church. +Philip was, and remains, suffragan Bishop of Burnley in the Diocese of Blackburn, and sits on the Council of Bishop of The Society.  His withdrawal from the See of Sheffield was lamented by many, including a fair few of the Church of England’s female bishops. All in all, an event that must have been very hurtful for +Philip and made a few of us traditional Catholics in the Church of England rather uneasy, to say the least…

HOWEVER – it was by no means a month that was solely doom and gloom – I had a lot of fun too! Lots of eating out this month as well, including a re-visit to Wijnjas with another friend, and this time we (well, he) ended up on their company social media. I also flew up to the cold North to help the folks install their new broadband – which all went surprisingly well. It was also good to manage to be there for grandmama’s birthday (the picture of the month is of my old playhouse, which mum and dad use as a storage room these days)!

As most months, I spent some time with my friend Monika, and we did go to see the Tom of Finland movie – well worth seeing (especially if you are interested in LGBT history as I am), but terribly depressing and dark. I also had to wave goodbye to my friend D, and we managed to make steak on soapstones on one of his final evenings in Husby.

All in all – a rather good month, despite some extremely sad events.


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