Catching Up: January 2017

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted anything at all this year, and as it’s Bank Holiday in Sweden tomorrow (6th June is the Swedish Constitution Day/National Day), I thought I should make use of my spare time to catch up on my blogging, I’ll try to manage one post a day about each of the five months that have already gone by of 2017.


Let’s begin with January. From Epiphany until late March I had my good friend David on (an rather overdue) visit. We’ve known each other for ages, so it was a very welcome visit. Even for a recluse like myself, having (certain!) friends over for a longer period of time can be quite nice. We did loads of things – most of them involving cooking and exploring Stockholm, though not simultaneously. The picture above is from the exhibition about the Finnish artist Tove Jansson, perhaps most known for creating Moomin. As someone who grew up with Moomin on television, it was quite surprising to see how versatile she was, having done everything from oil paintings to writing a number of novels.

I also had time to catch up with other old friends, but most of my time was actually spent at work. Winter is generally a very busy time for Swedish accountants, especially those of us who are in public practice, and I’m most certainly no exception to that rule. It’s a very good thing that I like my colleagues, otherwise working so much as I’ve done this winter would be unbearable.

Speaking of work – I thought in December that I had found the opportunity to start guiding again, by registering with a web portal for booking guides. As it turns out, they need their guides to work full time as guides, something I was never made aware of during the long recruitment process, so the job I did on the first day of 2017 was also my last job of the year. A bit disappointing, but these things happen.

Two highlights of the month….hm…. I’d have to say having tapas with David at one of my favourite tapas restaurants, and the day of exploring with Monika, that we finished in style with a tipple at Grand Hotel.


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