I’ve been playing truant!

…from work, that is. During peak season for us accountants in Sweden comes the Bank Holiday of Ascension Day. I took Ascension Day and the following day off (well, Ascension Day is a bank hol, but I took the Friday off). Instead, I took MotherDearest for her Christmas Gift – a cruise to Tallinn. Little did I expect that it would be this lovely all day:


It was a blaring sun all day, a stark contrast to my  last time in Tallinn, a rainy day in March. We did shop way too much, both of us, but it was all nice things (I made mum buy a very nice linen dress…) and booze. The food was good, not quite as good as I expected from the cruise line as I’ve travelled with them on a number of previous occasions, but still good. Tallinn is a lovely city, with a lot of history and fascinating buildings, and stark contrasts between the mediaeval Old Town and the City with its role as the financial hub for the Baltic countries.

Coming home to the terrible news about the results in the London Mayoral elections, however, did worsen my mood quite a lot though. Lots of prayers for my second home town at the moment! Our Lady of Walsingham, Ora Pro Nobis.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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