He Is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!


St Mary’s, Bourne St, SW1

Happy Easter all! I returned from my Easter trip to London late last night, one day earlier than I expected (more about that later!). I booked this trip already in November last year, trying to make use of British Airway’s sale, and Easter was the only time I was certain I was going to be off work. The plan was to try and catch up with some friends, and – of course – attend Church in my two old home Churches in Pimlico.

Worshipped I did, caught up with friends I did too, but not to the extent I wanted – as I apparently booked my trip home for Sunday and not Monday! The calendars you use on BA’s home page have Sunday as the first day of the week and not Monday, and apparently I wasn’t careful enough when I booked my trip – guess I just thought “Oh, I’ll return on the first day of Easter Week”… So my two social engagements for today had to be cancelled.

Apart from that little mishap, I had a lovely time – met a lot of friends, worshipped twice, once in each of my two old home Churches, ate in my two favourite restaurants, had (too much) proper British cider and people watched 🙂 I also managed to tick something of my bucket list – the last Saturday of each month you can do an LGBT themed tour of the collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The V&A is a treasure trove of interesting objects, and despite having been a friend of the museum for two years during my time in London, there is so much I still have not seen. If you haven’t been – go visit!

All in all – a lovely weekend, but it is actually quite nice to be back home!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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