Finally, some things to look forward to!

With a lot of things not going my way at the moment, some of then heartbreaking, some just annoying, I am trying to focus on the fact that I actually have a lot of things to look forward to:

  • Easter will be spent in London, meeting friends, going to Church, visiting museums, and eating (too much) good food.
  • In May, I will go back to Helsinki (which will make it 9 months since my last trip, probably a record!), this time mainly to see the Tom of Finland exhibition at the Helsingin Taidehalli.
  • Also in May, I will drag MotherDearest down from the cold mountains of Jämtland on a spa-cruise to Tallinn, the first time we spend more than a few hours without any other family member since she came to visit in London in 2014!
  • And finally, I’m embarking on a new adventure – on Monday I start the first of two courses that will make me a qualified tourist guide in Uppsala as well.

All in all, a fair bit to look forward to, and something to focus on when life feels sub-par.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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