Up, I have caught.

This has been a rather social week for me – on Wednesday I had dinner with an old college friend, and this weekend was spent in Västerås, visiting my dear old fried The Revd Dr R. I managed to make myself reasonably useful helping her with various computer and mobile phone things, and we also squeezed in a trip to the old Brass Works in Skultuna, where I managed to get hold of a new bracelet, as they sell seconds for less than 25% of the RRP, but with very few noticeable  defects.

Apart from this, I have been looking at various trips I want to do this year, and think it might be Copenhagen for Ascension Day and Paris for Midsummer, with the main summer holiday still left undecided. If I can afford it, Washington, DC, would be marvellous….but it remains to be seen.

Today will be a reasonably lazy day, pottering around the flat and re-hanging some pictures.

The title of this post is a parody of Master Yoda from Star Wars (but could probably also be a parody of Sir Winston Churchill.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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