I know, I know….

….I’m an absolutely hopeless blogger! To my excuse – there’s been so much happening since I moved back home to Stockholm again that I have hardly had the time to write! Going back to a reasonably technically demanding job (which accounting actually is on the level I am on) after more than 2 years away has been (and continues to be) great fun, but oh, so tired it makes me!

On top of this, I spent 2,5 days last week in bed with a man flu, which, paired with the various moving related bits and bobs I’ve been doing, simply has absorbed almost all possible free time I have had. However – I have had time to do certain social things as well, even though I have realised that I will have to limit myself to one weekday event per week, as I simply cannot handle more than that, and the same thing for the weekend – only one day doing “booked things”, I need one day per week doing absolutely nothing/what I fancy on the day.

But – in general – I’m well and enjoying myself! Will hopefully have more time to devote to this blog in a few weeks’ time.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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