Time To Say Goodbye


So, after almost six months, the time has come for me to say good bye to the County of Jämtland and move back to the Capital of Scandinavia. While I am extremely grateful to my parents for having me (and feeding me, a bit too much, I haven’t dared to even look at the bathroom scale recently) I cannot even begin to say how much I have been looking forward to being the Lord (Lard, given my current voluptuous figure..) of my own Manor again. Having said that, it really needs to be stressed that if I had not had the support from my parental units, I probably would have had a bit of a hard time, as I know very few people in Östersund, so they have, apart from being hoteliers, also been, together with Grandmama, my primary social interaction over the last few months.

When this is posted, I will be in the car, having a 600 km car trip ahead of me (thankfully, FatherDearest will drive) before I reach my flat in the suburbs of Stockholm. I have been subletting the flat while I was away, so most of my personal belongings are in storage, I believe there to be some 10-15 boxes with books alone… That will be the task for Sunday, so I fear I will miss the first opportunity to attend Mass in my new parish.

On that note, I probably should have written something about the recent meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion, but as I have friends in both the traditional and liberal wings of the CofE, I think I really should abstain…

The song Time To Say Goodbye, was one of my favourite songs when I was in secondary school, and the classical version with Sarah Brightman and Andrea Boccelli can be found on Spotify here.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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