Happy Birthday to me, I guess?

Birthday cake 1184958

Today I turn 32, and I have to say that my 32nd year on this planet has been very eventful indeed… I started the year sleeping in the guest room at work and working until 11pm verging a Christmas Carol Service, looking forward to a birthday weekend outing with my other half and counting down the days until I moved to my new room in West Dulwich. Today,I am ending it sleeping in my childhood bedroom (toddler, rather, as my younger sister has taken over the bedroom I had for most of the time I lived with mum and dad), very much single and counting down the days until I can move back to Stockholm again.

During my 32nd year I have been dumped (twice, by the same person after almost/slightly more than a year together), visited a few exhibitions, been to a wedding in the Tower of London, graduated, gone to Church more in one year than I probably have ever done before, graduated, resigned from two jobs, visited a lot of museums, socialised with friends, moved from London to Duved to Östersund to Duved again, been offered, and accepted a job for when I move back home to Stockholm, seen two musicals and probably lots more…

Over all, it’s been a rather good (apart from the ’being dumped twice by the same person’ part), but I very much hope that my 33rd year will contain less drama and more stability.

Think I’ll leave you with that, I’ll have to go and find the cake MotherDearest baked for me (not the one above, that’s a stock photo) and have a slice or three!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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