Quick life update, and a book review

Hi all! As you might have noticed, I’m falling behind with my blogging again, so just thought I should throw together a short post with a general life update, as well as review a book I recently read.

As you might have seen if you follow me elsewhere, I went down to Stockholm a little while ago to attend a few job interviews, and the most interesting company actually offered me a job during the interview, so that’s all settled for when I finish my degree and return to Stockholm in February 2016. I am very much counting down the days – I have already found a fair few interesting things to do in my spare time once I move back home again! 

At the moment I am at the folks’ in northern Sweden (the photo was taken from their balcony at around noon today, it’s around -3 degrees centigrade at the moment, so it looks like the snow is going to stay). I’m trying to do my best to finish my BSc thesis in Accounting, making some progress, but I have realised that I have completely forgotten how to write academic text in Swedish, after 2 years of studying in the UK. As I already have a job for when I return to Stockholm the degree really isn’t a necessity, but I would very much like to be the first one in the family with two academic degrees 🙂

So for the book review – yesterday I finished Straight to Jesus: Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement by Dr Tanya Erzen. All in all, I have to say that it is a very well written and insightful book about a very complicated subject. Dr Erzen made very good use of the time she spent with the ex-gay ministries and manages to expose the movement and it’s successes and failures without sounding too judgmental. Books like these make me realise that I really should count myself lucky that I did not grow up in an evangelical community, as it appears to, in general, be much harder to reconcile a Christian faith and a non-heterosexual orientation there than in the more High Lutheran/Anglo-Catholic Churches I consider home. Something to ponder, and maybe discuss more in a future blogpost, perhaps?

That’s it for now, I think!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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