Quick weekend update

After a few days at the folks’ I am now back in Östersund again, this time until Friday, when I take to the skies again to attend Monika‘s birthday party and to visit SisterDearest. I’m very much looking forward to my little trip, as I am more convinced than ever that Stockholm is actually “home” for me, despite how fond I might be of other cities…I am already looking forward to moving back home in July 2016!

Meanwhile, my time in Duved was spent with the family, including (I think) the first time ever grandmama has volunteered to take the entire family out for dinner! (My grandmother is a very good cook, and being brought up on a farm, she sees dining out as an extravagance one can manage well without). The (now not-so-) new owners of Pigo, one of the two restaurants in Duved, celebrated their first anniversary of running the restaurant, and so they had put together a lovely pizza buffet for a very reasonable price, so half the village was there. It was great fun bumping in to old neighbours, class mates and teachers, fueled by the far-too-easy-to-drink House Red 🙂 If anyone ever comes to Åre, Pigo is a must-visit!

Another culinary highlight was the salmon trout grandmama cooked for us yesterday – one can really count oneself lucky to have such ready access to such “arctic delicacies”, cloudberries, salmon trout, char, reindeer and moose are quite frequent in the diet at both the folks’ and at grandmama’s!

Surprisingly, we (MotherDearest and myself) managed to convince FatherDearest that a trip to Trondheim was necessary – MotherDearest needed to visit IKEA and our closest IKEA is actually in Norway – which meant that I had FatherDearest to myself for a day in Trondheim. We didn’t actually do much, walked around a bit and took some photos (which can be found here), I bought a book about the Nidaros Cathedral and Saint Olaf, and we had lovely prawns at the Ravnkloa Market Hall.  All in all, a nice little trip, despite the fact that we had to cut it short over a nasty rain…

To end a rather upbeat post on a more somber note – can I kindly ask those who pray to pray for the repose of the soul of MotherDearest’s cousin Ola, who left us prematurely on Thursday, not even 65 years old. Rest eternal grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.


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Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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