#PetterGoesBackToSweden – First Four Days

So, I have now been back in my native Sweden for (almost) four nights. I cannot exactly say that the move went smoothly, with the horrible courier Yodel screwing up my plans by delivering things I needed to pack much too late, and having a ghastly customer service when I reported their mistake. One company I am very glad not having to deal with again now that I’m back in Sweden, that’s for sure… With doing two trips with two suitcases each trip and sending two big cardboard boxes by airfreight, I managed to get (almost) all my belongings back home to Sweden, only throwing away things I knew I wouldn’t miss, and so I said goodbye to West Dulwich last Friday around 3.30pm, when I took the cab to Gatwick, not knowing when I would return next.

At first, I was just happy to be home in Sweden again, with no more packing to do, no more viewings of the flat I lived in (landlord is trying to sell) to fit my life around and no more things that were constant reminders of the ex and the time we had together. Now, however, I have started to get mixed feelings. I will be returning to a town with less than 70,000 inhabitants (14 years after I left it and swore that I would never live there again), and I also have to face the state of the Swedish political debate, not to mention the Church of Sweden. (Most of my friends know my opinion on that subject, so I will not elaborate on that tonight…)

However, I do still think that this is the best decision for me – accommodation is so much cheaper here than Stockholm and I really wanted to finish my Swedish degree as well, as I do believe it will give me better prospect on the job market once I return to Stockholm in July 2016. It will also be nice to get my own flat (even if it is a very small studio flat) again after two years of sharing accommodation with others (no matter how nice they have been).

I have one last paper to hand in on my summer course about the Christian Right in the USA, but once that is done (Saturday) and grandmama’s move is over, I shall hopefully have the time to post a bit more on this sad excuse for a blog. Stay tuned! 🙂


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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