God Bless America!

I have been (re-)reading Bill Clinton’s memoirs recently (well, I still am, to be honest), and something that strikes me about his descriptions about his upbringings in a middle-of-the-road baptist Church in Arkansas is the religious anxiety he describes. I cannot say that I know that many Swedish teenagers in this day and age that go through the same thing – be it due to the fact that the Church of Sweden hardly has the kind of policies that can be described as religiously controversial (to say the least!) or because the difference in culture, I cannot say.

To come to terms with this, I applied for, and got accepted on, an online summer course in the religious right in America. With the goings on this summer, I have not had the time, or the energy to work that much with the course, but I am looking forward to some hard work on the final essay the week after I move back to Sweden. Guess I probably should order my course books now, some 6 weeks after the course has started…..


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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