All good things must come to an end!

Copyright: Östersunds kommun

So, as I hinted in my last blogpost my ex and I have broken up again, the reasons why shall not be divulged on this blog apart from me saying that it was not my decision and I still love him very much. In that blog post I also hinted that major changes were afoot, and so I thought that it would be time to let you all know what I was hinting at:

I have resigned from both my post at St Mary’s and my freelance role at Visiting Arts, and on 7 August I will be on a flight back home to Sweden, and no return flight has been booked. The plan is to stay with my parents (poor them!) until 1 September, when I get my student flat in Östersund on 1 September. Once in Östersund, I plan to study at Mid Sweden University in order to finish my Swedish degree in accounting, with my eyes on graduation in June 2016, when I also will move back to my flat in Stockholm.

Leaving my beloved London was not an easy decision, as I still love the city very much, but S and I met pretty soon after I moved here. Even though I had been to London as a tourist several times before I moved here (in the year I moved, 2013, I think I added up 4 or 5 trips before I moved) most of the “non-touristy” things I have done in London are strongly associated with him, and I see reminders of our time together almost everywhere I turn. Admittedly, this would not have been enough to make me move had I been where I wanted to accommodation- and work wise, but when I am seemingly unable to afford a flat of my own or get a job that I have been trained for, it is time to admit defeat and let go.

My London obsession has been a major fixture in my life for many years, and now knowing that I probably won’t indulge it as much as I have done over the last 5 years feels really weird. I do plan to come back from time to time, if nothing else so I can attend the yearly APCM at St Mary’s, meet the friends I have made here, and reminisce about the two lovely years I spent as a full time Londoner.

I will try and make this coming year in Östersund a year to better myself, both when it comes to losing weight, getting fit, and getting back into the habit of daily prayer – be it with the Book of Common Prayer or the Swedish Book of Hours, I do not know yet… This blog will get back to servicing the purpose it did before I moved – to keep my English writing skills up to date, but I will also try and use it as an accountability partner, but more about that when I have settled in Sweden.

The photography above is taken from the Östersund City Council press page, and you can see the central parts of the town at night.


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Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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