A Wednesday in the life of a Parish Administrator

As I can’t think of an interesting topic for my blog post today, I’m using a template I’ve stolen from my friend Monika

When did I get out of bed this morning? Must have been about 8.50am – I am lucky to be working 10am-6pm, so I can stay in bed rather late.

Topic of conversation/thoughts for breakfast? None, as I didn’t have breakfast.

What did I eat for breakfast? Nothing.

What did I do after breakfast? Work. Today was catching up, as I was off work yesterday. Highlight of the day was serving at Low Mass at St Barnabas.

Did I buy anything? Apart from dinner at Café Rouge at Victoria Station, no.

Did I ignore something I planned to do? Not ignore, exactly, but I had to postpone some tasks on my todo-list to tomorrow.

Dinner? A decent (actually – for them it was not as good as usual) steak at Café Rouge, Victoria Place – the shopping centre just above Victoria Station.

A good thing that happened today? I served at Mass at one of the two parishes I work with.

What do I think when I read my answers? A very common Wednesday, but as I felt a bit bad about the lack of posts recently, I thought a dull post was better than none….


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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One Response to A Wednesday in the life of a Parish Administrator

  1. Kraka says:

    I´m pleased to see you using my template. 🙂

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