Another day, another dollar (or, well, Pound Sterling)

As I can’t think of an interesting topic for my blog post today, I’m using a template I’ve stolen from my friend Monika:

When did I get out of bed this morning? At about 7.30.

Topic of conversation/thoughts for breakfast? None – as per usual, I didn’t eat any breakfast. 

What did I eat for breakfast? See above

What did I do after breakfast? I have been working all day.

Did I buy anything? Apart from a quick meal and 4 bottles of Coke Zero at Waitrose, no.

Did I ignore something I planned to do? Can’t think of anything, no.

Dinner? A quick sirloin steak at the lovely Steak & Oyster Bar at Waitrose, Canary Wharf.

A good thing that happened today? I was allowed to spend all day at my desk, something that was sorely needed after all the walking we did yesterday at Kew Gardens

What do I think when I read my answers? A rather regular day, the kind that life is so full of, but you forget more or less as soon as they are over. Nonetheless, absolutely not a bad day!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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