One year in London

A lot of things have happened since 20th September 2013 8.45am when I stepped off the plane at Heathrow!! I am too lazy to write a coherent blog post today, so I will just give you some bullet points:

  • Number of jobs I have started since I came here: 4
  • Number of jobs I am still in: 1
  • Number of jobs applied for: not sure about the exact number, but >400
  • In a relationship: yes
  • Number of other English cities seen since 20/09/13: 5
  • Number of places lived in: 2
  • Plans for finishing my BA (Hons): Yes – graduating June 2015
  • Musicals seen: 4
  • Visits to my English GP: 3
  • Things English GP has been able to help me with: 0
  • Number of times woken up to a pigeon sat next to my bed: 1
  • Number of (male) middle aged bosses calling me “sweetie”: 1

About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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