It’s a f***ing joke!

As many of you might know, I came to London to study the Foundation Degree in Public Service Management at City & Islington College/London Metropolitan University. Many of you might also know that, while I am a fairly good accountant, I’m not an academic at all. I do enjoy CPD courses, but not academic studies. This has shown previously in my academic results, where I have managed to scrape a pass in the courses I need, I still haven’t managed (or bothered to aim for) any higher grades.

After almost a full academic year at my course at Candi, I have noticed that most of the courses haven’t taught me a single thing (with very few exceptions), and I hand in assessments/assignments that wouldn’t even have gotten “Pass” in Swedish Unis, that get a “Distinction” here. In short – I have realised that if I finish my degree it will barely be worth the paper its printed on. Ergo – I’ve decided to drop out and start looking for full time jobs.

One might argue that, as I have already spent £5,400 in tuition fees for my first academic year, I will be wasting those five grands, but as the degree, to me at least, won’t hold any value at all, I’d rather waste £5,400 and don’t get a degree than spend £10,800 and get a degree that’s completely useless.

So – on that note – does anyone have a full time job for me? My CV can be found on LinkedIn. Tips/Contacts would be much appreciated!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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