Guess I’ve been a bit lazy!

Well, I guess I have been a bit lazy recently when it comes to blogging. Just realised I haven’t posted a single thing since February! I guess my explanation is that real life/life off-screen has been so busy and full of fun things, I simply haven’t had the time/urge to actually put together a blog post. This update will be a bit heavy as a consequence…

SCHOOL Well, there’s simply no other word for it: school is an utter joke! Last week we had the best lesson so far (and I’ve been there since September 2013), and it was delivered by the Head of Equality and Diversity, not by one of the tutors. I’m currently toying with the thought of dropping out and start a full time job, but more about that later.

WORK Both work placement and my “proper” paid job continue to be fun, and as I mentioned above, I’m considering looking for a full-time job, and at any given time I think I have about 10 applications pending. Have so far been to a fair few interviews, and have some more scheduled for the coming few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

LOVE LIFE I have been dating the same, wonderful, guy since mid-February, and we’re having a lot of fun. Won’t say much more than that I’m very happy, and please keep your fingers crossed for us! 🙂

Portobello Road

PERSONAL LIFE IN GENERAL This has been a fairly social spring, I have had my friend M for another visit, and in early April MotherDearest, FatherDearest, Auntie, Uncle and my 80-year old grandmother came to visit London and celebrate the three girls turning 190 (Grandma 80, MotherDearest 60 and Auntie 50). I am still impressed that Grandma went on her first ever trip to London aged 80!!! The high lights were afternoon tea at the Grosvenor House, which comes highly recommended, the show Mamma Mia, which I thought to be fairly “meh”! and a very nice dinner at Wright Brothers Soho, where we had an excellent meal of, mainly, seafood. (The photo above is from our little trip to Portobello Road Market…) I also have a fair few friends coming to visit, including MotherDearest who is coming to spend an entire week with me here in the Big Smoke. Looking forward to it!

I guess that’s all from me for now 🙂



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Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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