A busy, but lovely, week is over!

So I’ve just had a lovely week with first my dad, and then my older sister visiting. I’m still quite impressed that I managed to persuade my 70-year old father to do his first ever trip to the UK. Of course, I only took him to the nice thing, such as the London Eye, Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason, the Legends Tour at the Emirates Stadium, and the Commitments. Quite happy that dad could come, as we managed to find cheap tickets direct from TRD to LGW and back.

My older sister got a musical ticket from me for her 40th birthday, and we finally settled on Les Misérables. I wasn’t looking forward to that particular show too much, but I have to admit that I was crying like a baby by the time the curtains fell. We were also quite good – the day after the musical (and only slightly hungover) we walked almost 10 kms – London Bridge – Tate Modern – Millennium Bridge – St Paul’s – Ludgate – Strand – The Mall – Buckingham Palace – Green Park.

All in all – I’ve had a great week, but as I’ve been fighting a fever and a terrible cough all week, it’s nice to have a few days to relax and try to get well again now 🙂


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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One Response to A busy, but lovely, week is over!

  1. Kraka says:

    Nice to read about your week with your relatives. I hope you soon get better and are fit for fight when I come for visiting you. 🙂

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