Exciting times ahead! (and a general update…)

So, now that we’re finally at the end of autumn semester 2013 (in late January 2014…) and people have been on my case about blogging, I guess I should post a few lines here…

So far, I’m surprised about the low standards of module assessments on my course – apparently the levels in Sweden are so much higher. A niche change for me to not have to struggle in academia – I really don’t have the right mindset for higher studies, but on my course I can get by pretty well…

I’ve recently started to volunteer at Stonewall, the largest (or so I’ve been told) LGB charity in the UK. Surprisingly (but good for me!) they accept volunteers in their Finance Department as well, so I’m there one day a week, basically doing Accounts Assistant tasks.

What else is new in my life? Well…I’ve sort of become a regular at the downstairs pub – the George and Dragon, perhaps not so surprisingly as the Duchess, the dragqueen-in-resident and owner also is my landlord. It’s pretty nice to be able to pop downstairs for a pint or two, and to see some people. I have noticed that, now that I don’t work anymore, I actually feel the need to socialise with people from time to time, something that’s rather rare for me.

So – what about the exciting times? Well, next week, I will have family visiting – FatherDearest will be here Monday-Friday and my older sister will be here Thursday-Sunday. It will be so much fun to show them my new hometown, and also to see two musicals – dad and I will go and see the Commitments, and sis and I will see Les Misérables. Funtimes. Furthermore, in April, MotherDearest, Auntie and I have managed to persuade Grandmama to join them and their husbands (i.e. FatherDearest and Uncle) to come and visit me as well. We’ll have 5 days together in London, staying at a hotel in Notting Hill.

All in all, despite the struggle with job hunting – Petter is currently a rather happy bunny!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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One Response to Exciting times ahead! (and a general update…)

  1. Kraka says:

    Talking about musicals, don´t forget we are going to see Charlie and the chocolate factory in the end of february.

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