Slightly older, but not much wiser…

This Tuesday was my 30th birthday, and it has more or less been celebrated all week. My friend M and her son arrived in London late Saturday night, and I’ve been hanging out with them, doing tourist-y things Sun, Tues & Wed. We visited Covent Garden twice, the Southbank Christmas Market, the Florence Nightingale museum, as well as a fair few places for food and drink. (Surprisingly rude bouncers at the Yard, and excellent sundaes at the Parlour @ Fortnum & Mason as usual, amongst others.)

Only 2 more days of school left – Tues & Thurs next week, and then on next Sunday I’m off to celebrate Christmas in Sweden with the family for 2 weeks. I will, at least, try to put together my traditional “year in review”.

The picture of a grumpy HMTQ, you ask? It’s a photo of a photo from the “royal exhibition” outside the Museum of London. I took it this Sunday when waiting for my friends.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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