One week as a Londoner


So, I’ve now been a “proper” Londoner for a week (I moved in to my home in Kensington, W8, last Saturday), and so far I’ve realised a few things:

First and foremost: I really can’t afford to stay at the Abbey – with a weekly (!) rent of £236 for a small (smaller than my bathroom back in Husby), it would ALMOST be possible if I led the life that could fit in easily with a schedule for breakfast, tea, lunch, tea and dinner. As it is, I can’t. I’ve never been much of a morning person, which rules out breakfast, and my classes are until 21.00 twice a week.

Had I been able to adjust my life to fit the schedule here at the abbey, it might have worked, but as it is, I really can’t spend that amount of money without using half the things I pay for (the food…).

So, I’ve cancelled my lease here from December 14th, and hope to be able to find something slightly decent before then, where I can cook my own meals. (as I really need to start cooking for myself, the Swedish student loans doesn’t exactly give you the means to lead an extravagant lifestyle).

So far, my week has been spent doing a few tourist-y things – London Eye, the View from the Shard and the Making of Harry Potter – click the links to view my Flickr galleries from every visit, and trying to conquer the abysmal bureaucracy that is City and Islington College. I’ve studied at a number of higher education establishments, and so far, this place is utterly ridiculous as far as red-tape go. I’m lucky that our Course Manager seems to be a lovely man, who treats the red tape the same way I do…

Anyway – stay tuned, people, I know that I’ve promised more frequent updates on this sorry excuse for a blog, and once I’ve found myself a part time job to put some money in my empty little wallet, I will probably have enough energy to do so.

However – I can still agree with this song!

In the mean time – toodle-pip!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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  1. Kraka says:

    There are many songs about London. This is one of my favorites:

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