Bye, bye, Stockholm!

Stockholm City Hall

Ever since I moved to the Greater Stockholm area in 2001, I’ve never had a permanent address outside of the area. Now I have packed all my bags, sub-let my flat and found myself a room in London. As most (all) of you know, I’m moving to Kensington/Earl’s Court to study Public Service Management at City and Islington College for two years, but I honestly think I won’t return permanently again.

Ever since my first visit to London in 2001, I’ve dreamt of living there, and now this dream is about to become reality. Somehow it feels slightly sub real, and I almost feel a bit sad about leaving (could also have something to do with having run out of anti-depressants…), but I’m sure that I will return to visit, and that I will love London as much as I have on my previous visits.

If I’ve managed to schedule this post properly, it will publish at the same time my flight leaves – if anyone feels like keeping track of my flight on the interwebz, it’s BA0771 and the date is September 20th.

I expect to be quite busy for the first days in London, but expect more regular posts once I’ve settled down.

Bye, bye, Stockholm. You’ve seen me through a lot of memories and life-changing situations, some bad and some good. The only thing they have in common is that they’ve all made me the person I am today. I promise to visit soon, please keep the Coca Cola Zero cold for me and the wine barrels full with good vintages! *hugs Stockholm good bye and boards flight*


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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One Response to Bye, bye, Stockholm!

  1. Kraka says:

    Stockholm is my home too. But it´s nice to live somewhere else for a while…

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