I’m fed up with being afraid

Being a part of the ethnical minority in my district – only 18,1% of its inhabitants are native Swedes – I’ve been afraid to be out after dark ever since I moved here 3 years ago, but since last night, I actually fear for my life!

As The Local reports, last night we had riots here, and they took place literally outside my bedroom window. I actually heard the thugs screaming “Pigs!” to the police officers who came to restore order on the street below my flat. Cars were set on fire, and when the police arrived at the scene, thugs threw rocks at them, and three officers were injured in the line of duty, trying to break up the riots.

I’ve seen some people claiming that these riots happened due to a fatal shooting, where the police shot – in self defence – a man who threatened them with a machete. This, in my opinion, is complete and utter bullshit! There has, for quite some time, been a lot of opposition against reasonable modernisation of the rather out-dated housing in the area, along with some other actions, and I fear that this is only the start of overheating and a cycle of violence like we saw in the suburbs of Paris a few years ago.

I’ve seen police officers interviewed in the national newspapers (unfortunately only in Swedish), who feared that the next murdered police officer would be in my area of town. I’ve never been one to think that riots such as this one can be blamed on anything else than criminal and anti-social behaviour among the perpetrators, and why it would be a “revenge” on our hard-working police force, to put your compatriots’ cars on fire, eludes me completely.

This will affect me in a lot of ways – more or less making me a prisoner in my own home, until the day I (most likely) move to London or (if that doesn’t work out) find myself a flat in the city, and the few times I can afford to go out and enjoy myself in the city this summer, I’ll most certainly take a taxi all the way to my front door. I’m so fed up with being afraid!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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One Response to I’m fed up with being afraid

  1. Kraka says:

    Jag har taggat dig i en utmaning. Vore kul om du vill vara med – på svenska eller engelska.

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