Bits and bobs

So, after having been admonished by Monika for not blogging enough lately, I thought that I might as well post something. There’s a lot of exciting things happening in my life at the moment, none of which I can say much about. The most pressing thing on my mind is, however, my exam on May 3rd. If I pass, I only have the thesis and one exam more before I actually have the degree I’ve been working on, off and on, since 2003…

On another, completely different note, I’ve been re-elected as Church Warden in the church in Kista. Am looking forward to taking an active part in my local parish again, and also to re-kindle some of the friendships I made there. My friend Monika asked me to play the piano at Evensong yesterday, which I did. Nice to be back, and I’ve been welcomed back by everyone. It’s so nice to see that no-one seems to hold a grudge against me over my swift departure from parish life in 2011.

To finish off – tomorrow (Monday) I expect to, once again, be made an authorised accounting consultant here in Sweden. I’m very excited about this, as it puts a “seal of approval” on my work, despite the fact that my highest degree is a simple HND. 🙂


About Petter

Friend of Dorothy & HMTQ. Staunch Conservative. Anglo-Catholic Anglophile in the Swedish Capital. (Hoping to be ordained one day, God willing...) Single.
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  1. Kraka says:

    You have to blog every day, or almost every day, to get followers…

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