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Inspired by a lot of posts by Michael Hyatt, I thought that someone might be interested in the productivity tools etc that I use? Anyone? Hello? *tumbleweed rolls by* OK then, I’ll write this post anyway, just to have something to write about…

The one program I could never live without is Evernote: I use Evernote for everything from on-line archiving to check lists for various routines at work, manuals for technical stuff, scores for my piano playing, it holds my entire register of business cards, all my recipes etc , etc. It’s available in a free edition, but I pay a little extra for the premium service, which gives me searchable PDF-files, extra storage etc etc.

Another thing that I rely (almost) as heavily on is Remember The Milk. RTM is a task list manager, with apps for most smartphones and tablets, and a web interface for use across different computer platforms. It can also be synced to the task lists in MS Outlook for Windows. Having a notoriously bad memory, I rely on it quite a lot, for everything from remembering to take my antidepressants to filing tax returns at work. There’s a free version for this one as well, but it doesn’t (as far as I know) sync between platforms automatically.

TextExpander is a nifty little tool for Macs, that lets you use abbreviations instead of frequently used phrases – for instance: if I write “.ba”, it automatically replaces that with my bank account number.

For tweeting (I can be found on Twitter as NJPK83) I use a client known as Echofon, that syncs unread messages and notifications across platforms.

Finally, for this little pathetic excuse of a blog, I usually use MarsEdit, a rather easy-to-use text editor for blogs, making it possible to write blog posts off line, having them checked for grammatical errors , etc. Very useful for me, as English isn’t my native tongue.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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