What is wrong with people?!?

I’ve been thinking about this post for quite a while, and decided against posting it a number of times, but today I thought “What the heck, it needs to be said”. I follow a lot of people on Twitter (where you can find me as @NJPK83), and there I’ve run across a few HIV+ people who talks, amongst many other things, about dating as a HIV+ person.

Many of those stories are about them dating guys, and when it comes to disclosing their HIV status, the guys they’re dating more or less just runs away, despite the fact that everything else in the relationship is developing very well.

These guys are the ones I don’t understand and the reason for my exclamation in the title of this post. I might be naïve, but in my world a guy’s HIV status wouldn’t affect the way I feel about him at all. Being negative myself, I’d have no problems at all living in a serodiscordant relationship (i e a relationship between two people of different HIV statuses).

This is, in my opinion, the only sensible way of looking at such things, and it pisses me off to no end when I read about some of the things that happens to some of the guys I follow on Twitter.

Anyway, guess this post is fairly incoherent, but I just felt that I needed to vent. To finish it off, I want to direct you to the post in FS Magazine by @guy_interruptd and his bf @windsorbuoy called “We found love in a discordant place” – check this link.



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