One of the best purchases ever!

IPad mini PF PB PS Wht iOS6 PRINT

So, this year I got some money from FatherDearest as a Christmas Gift. I didn’t have to think long before I decided what to buy – an iPad Mini! I actually hadn’t read Michael Hyatt’s post about it at the time, but he addresses many of the key advantages I found when I first tried it out. My main issue with my old iPads (yes, I’ve had 2 of them…) was the weight. I’ve had both the 1st gen iPad and the 3rd gen iPad and although the 3rd gen (Retina) was much lighter, they both feel like heavy bricks compared to my beloved iPad mini.

As the two older ones were so heavy, I didn’t carry them everywhere (I have a bad back) so they were mostly left at home, being expensive eReaders that I also could use to surf. When I was in London in June 2012, I bought the cheapest Kindle I could find, and that little device has been a faithful companion ever since.

However, the Kindle can only be used for reading and reading only, whereas the iPad Mini is a much more versatile device, and still almost as light as the Kindle. Another advantage is the fact that I can use several apps for reading on it, including the eReader used by the Stockholm Public Library, meaning that I can actually get books from the library online.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase, and if anyone is thinking of buying an iPad, I’d suggest you go for the iPad Mini if you want a device that’s light enough to schlep around everywhere, without being lightweight when it comes to functionality.


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