Why I Blog In English

I’ve been asked many times (mainly by my Swedish friends) why use English across all my social media platforms. Mostly this is due to them being annoyed at me for using a language they don’t understand (yes – there’s still a vast number of Swedes who don’t understand the subtleties of the English language!).

The autumn 2012 I somehow got the optimistic idea that I should plan for a year in London to finish my BSc (this was before I actually got the low down on the costs of student accommodation in the big smoke…). As a EU-citizen I apply on the same quota as as the UK citizens with one exception – I need to prove my command of the English language.

Despite me already having passed the Cambrige Certificate in Advanced English which can be used at Oxford and Cambridge to prove my command of the language, I had to take the IELTS to use when applying to London universities. I did fairly well – a total score of 8.5 with 9 being the max. However – I scored 9 on all sections except writing, where I only scored a measly 7.

As I believe that the only way to become a better writer is to (*VITAL DISCOVERY KLAXON*) write, and as I have a job where I don’t write lengthy tomes in any language, I figured I had to find another media for practicing.

It actually started off with me following a lot of British people on Twitter and when I started getting follow-backs, I started writing in English in order to keep them – little point in them following me if I only was to write in Swedish… Then, some of these Twitter-followers turned into pen-pals, and “moved” to Facebook, thus making it preferable to write in English there as well.

All this happened before I started blogging in English, and once I got my IELTS results, I realized that blogging in English would be, not only a natural step, but a very smart way to practice my written English.

Thus, I’ve written my blog posts in English for a while now, and interestingly the only people who comment on my posts, either on FB or Twitter where I always post an alert when I’ve written a new post, on the actually wordpress-page or IRL have been the English speaking part of my circle of friends…

That said, I don’t know if my written English is so much better, only time will tell



About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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