Christmas is over

So, once again, I’ve celebrated Christmas at the Parentals.
As always, there were even more gifts than last year, despite the fact that we proclaim, every year, that we have to cut down on the gifts next year… In my case, I think I got at least 6 kgs of books, with all were on my wish list, bar just one.
I really should be studying (still haven’t finished the Basic Course in Commercial Law from this fall), but that’s impossible, as I forgot my books at home in the packing chaos on the 20th. After dad and I spoke about the big amount of CPAs who will retire in Sweden over the next 10 years, I really think I will plan my studies to fulfill the academic requirements for a CPA exam, especially with the job I’m starting in February!
New Years Eve will be celebrated at Grandma’s, and I will return home on the night of the 1st, and then it’s back to work as usual on the 2nd.
On a completely different note – I’m wondering if I should continue with my “random” blogging, just writing bits and bobs about my everyday life, or if I should find myself a niche to write about. Thoughts on a postcard, please!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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