2012 – a year in review

As the end of 2012 is approaching, I thought that I should summarize my year….here goes – Petter’s 2012:

January January started with me promising that I never would spend Christmas with the family again. I managed to squeeze in 2 boat-trips as well as a visit from FatherDearest. FD also got to experience the fantastic restaurant Grill for the first time. It’s rather endearing to see one’s 68 year old dad devouring a dessert in 5 minutes
February The 2nd month of 2012 was a very social month, with lots of dinners, after works, sleep overs/dates etc. We also had our annual audit at work, and I went to a seminar about pensions and other insurance policies.
March A month of cruising – I managed to fit in 2 boat trips. A lot of socializing was done this month as well, along with two trips – one to Lund to visit my friend C and one back home to Östersund to take an exam and meet my friend R for a fondue dinner. Omnomnom.
April Despite the fact that I spent the Easter holidays all by myself (bliss!), April was quite a hectic month. I went to Helsinki and Berlin, and got a visit from grandma. Berlin was absolutely wonderful – well over 20 degrees for my entire stay and a lot of interesting museums, beautiful churches, not to mention the Feinschmeckerabteilung at KaDeWe, where I had almost all my lunches. Omnomnom again!
May May 11th marked the day of my first – and only – BBQ of the year, at my friend S’s place. MotherDearest also came to visit, a visit that was interrupted by my being hospitalized for a ruptured appendix.
June In June I re-visited my beloved London, sleeping at a little gem of a hotel near Baker Street called the Blandford. A lovely time was had, meeting my dear ex M, with whom I had a blast of a night out in Soho. It was really good to meet again, as it was more than 7 years since last time. My Sunday in London started with a mass according to BCP in St Marylebone Church. A true blessing! Such dignity in the liturgy, aided by use of King James’ Bible. Midsummer was spent close to the little village of Hällefors, in the summer home of the guy I dated at the time.
July Start of vacation month, and I spent some time with the guy I dated at the time. I also went to our summer home in the Norwegian mountains – a trip I regretted again. My friend S and I also went to the big sing-along show “Allsång på Skansen”, recorded at the big open-air museum Skansen. She knows one of the videoographers, so we got VIP tickets:)
August In August my flatmate T moved in, I was incredibly social with dinners etc almost every day, and I went to Riga. Riga is – if you visit in the summer – an incredibly cute little city and much more genuine than its northern neighbor Tallinn.
September Yet another intensely social month, where I visited the Parentals, had FatherDearest down for his birthday, visited my friend R in Västerås, and made a small trip to Helsinki with my friend S.
October I, once again, went to Västerås to visit both my old class mate M and my old friend R. Had a lovely time socializing and even managed to squeeze in a play in the Cathedral. We also had Oktoberfest at work, with me all dressed up in Lederhosen and a Tyrolean Hat – quite a sight, that I’ll keep off the blog for the time being…
November Once again, a month where I almost didn’t sleep in my own bed. I went to Helsinki once again, and visited Las Palmas for the first time. I absolutely fell in love with the city, and hope that I’ll be able to buy a flat there when I retire. I also had FatherDearest visiting for his birthday gift – Glenn Miller Orchestra‘s Christmas show.
December Even though I spent almost half my weekend in Amsterdam being poorly in bed, I managed to see quite a lot of the city. It’s rather cosy, if one can steer clear of the Coffeeshops and the horrible stench of pot. Other main events in December: My flatmate moved back home to Germany, and I now occupy all my 67 sqm all by myself. As I writhe this post, we’re celebrating Christmas at the Parentals, and it’s only a week left of 2012.


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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