A Question of Faith

At the moment, I’m struggling with finding my Christian denomination. Being baptized and born into the Lutheran Church of Sweden, where I’ve also approached the Bishop of Stockholm for postulancy, of course this would be my first choice. However, all my life – and even more recently – I’ve been having some doubts. The Church of Sweden, or at least the Stockholm diocese, have recently been (in my opinion) engaging in partisan policy, with a huge emphasis on left-wing policies. There are parts that still try to keep their heads out of party politics, but to find those I’d have to move out of my hometown 😦 When I was thinking about moving to England, I had serious thought of joining the C of E instead, but now that I’m staying in Stockholm for the foreeable future, I don’t find that to be a feasible option. Liturgically I’d probably be happiest in an old-fashioned Catholic parish that still celebrates the Latin mass, but me being openly gay might be a problem in those circles. The Liberal Catholic Church isn’t an option, nor is the PNCC. This leaves me with either the option of staying in the Church of Sweden, and trying to find a parish that suits me liturgically, or joining the Anglican Church in Stockholm. Many questions, few answers at the moment, but I guess I’ll just have to ponder it for a while…


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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