I’ve been cruisin’

Even though I’m extremely bad at what most gays would call cruising, I still cruise quite frequently. Not the kind where you go looking for anonymous sex, but the kind where you actually get on a boat and go somewhere. Being slightly bored today, I quickly decided to take a 6-hour cruise Kapellskär-Mariehamn and back with Viking Lines M/S Rosella. During the trip I managed to have both a 3-course lunch (Blini, Pork Roast and Pavlova) and a Grill Buffet. I’ve only travelled with this boat once before, together with my ex, who was a right pain in the ass to travel anywhere with. This time, the experience was much better. Good food, good wine and even the non-alcoholic I finished of the evening with (Pina Colada sans liquor) was very nice. All in all, a very nice Sunday afternoon. Now, it’s time to head off to bed. TTFN!


About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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