….well obvs I am, as I only blog when I really should be doing something completely different….today I really should be putting together the statutory accounts for a customer who should have been done by July 31st – but as I just got all the bank statements the day before yesterday, it’s really not my fault.

Will go through the UCAS applications next week with the person who has agreed to be my reference, and hopefully be able to file it by the end of this week. Then I’ll have to wait until March 31st before I know if I’m accepted anywhere….and then I’ll have to decide if I’ll do it or not. I’m quite sure it would be a great adventure, as I’ve never spent more than 14 days in any other foreign country than Norway (and as I’m half Norwegian, that can hardly count as foreign), but still, all the practical matters one have to deal with…moving, subletting the apartment, finding storage area for all those things I don’t want to leave in the apartment while subletting etc etc

A lot of things to ponder, and I really should be getting back to work now.



About Petter

Demi-Norwegian Swede in Oxford. Rather churchy type.
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